Ryland is an all around waterman based out of Southern California. He has been paddling since the age of 5, racing with the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club. Over the years he worked his way through the Juniors program and onto the Mens program. When he’s not with Lanakila, he races with the Ka Lahui Kai program in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ryland has also been racing on the 404 SUP Race Team since he was 11 Years old. Every day, whether it’s SUP or OC, you can find Ryland training alongside his long time mentor and legendary paddler Danny Ching.

Ryland has been mentored by many of the top paddlers and coaches around the world. He has learned from people such as, Danny Ching, Johnny Puakea, Josh Crayton, Wilfred Ah-min, Mario Cowan, the NAC Ohana, and many other influential people.

Ryland has achieved a lot in his paddling career so far, winning the Juniors Molokai Solo World Champs, Junior Battle of the Paddle, and winning the Juniors Molokai Hoe with Ka Lahui Kai. He has been placing highly in the mens category, and hopes to keep climbing the rankings.

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"As a waterman, I want gear that not only protects me from the elements, but also the elements from me. This is what the HART ATTACK collection is all about."

HART ATTACK Collection

"Hart attack was a nickname given to me at a young age, when I nearly drowned at my first Stand up paddle board race, Battle of the paddle(Age: 11), giving all my supporters a “hart attack”. Instead of being scared of the ocean and turning away, I leaned into it, and used her power to fuel my passion, get back up, and ultimately win that very same race years later. "

Video credit: Hayden Ramler