At MARGEN, we acknowledge that traditional manufacturing does has an impact on our planet. That's why we take every step we can to minimize our environmental footprint without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our products are made from recycled materials sourced from verified suppliers. We use compostable packaging for our ecommerce orders and encourage our customers to opt-out of individual wrapping for custom orders. Our clothing is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and we never overproduce, only creating what is needed. We also choose not to use hang tags for the sole purpose of indicating that a fabric is made from recycled materials. We believe in reducing waste wherever possible, and that includes unnecessary tags that will eventually end up in landfills for no good reason.

We believe in taking responsibility for our impact on the world around us and strive to make a positive difference every day.

We also strongly believe that education is key to protecting our planet. We understand that the future of our planet lies in the hands of the younger generation, and it is our responsibility to help educate and inspire them to be stewards of the environment. We strive to play an active role in educating the community on the importance of environmental protection, and we are committed to supporting programs and initiatives that promote sustainable living and conservation efforts. By working together, we can create a better future for our planet and the generations to come.