We believe it takes a waterman to know a waterman. Our passion for the ocean has been with us since childhood. Despite growing up on opposite sides of the world, we were both raised to respect and cherish the ocean environment, which fueled our love for water sports. Eventually, our paths crossed and we decided to combine our experience to serve the global waterman community. This led us to establish MARGEN, with the goal of creating purpose-built gear designed to push the margins of performance and create new frontiers for the MARINE GENERATION.

MARGEN stands for MARINE GENERATION. The MARINE GENERATION is the new wave of watermen and women who are passionate about exploring the ocean and pushing their limits in challenging ocean pursuits. They are a generation that lives for the moment and embraces the thrill of adventure on the water. They have a deep connection to the ocean and love the feeling of salty skin after a long day spent chasing waves or paddling through open waters. They also recognize the significance of showing respect and safeguarding the environment to ensure that their passion for water sports can be inherited by the generations to come.

The MARGEN logo incorporates three significant elements that represent the three primary forces that watermen and women experience in the ocean: Waves, Wind, and Currents. These forces are fundamental to any water sport, and they have the power to transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. It's crucial to understand and respect these elements since they can make or break a water sports experience. Without these forces, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our passion, and the MARINE GENERATION wouldn't exist. We honor and acknowledge them as they provide us with daily inspiration and a reason for being.