The HART ATTACK x MARGEN collection goes live!
Ryland and our team met a year ago and agreed we had to create something rad together. A year later, the HART ATTACK racer jerseys, crafted in collaboration with our design and production teams, are available on The collection sees the...
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The MARGEN Racer Hoodie is now available
After a few months of testing, the MARGEN Racer Hoodie is finally available with any custom orders. This hoodie uses the same ultra-light and RPET made fabric used to create our racer jerseys.  There is no doubt our new hoodie will...
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Sponsoring the KROLL VRC Race Series 2023
We are thrilled to be reconduct our sponsorship of the KROLL VRC Race Series edition 2023. The Kroll VRC Race Series offers races throughout of the year to give the opportunity for paddlers in Hong Kong to race on monthly basis, stretching...
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