Sponsoring the KROLL VRC Race Series 2023

We are thrilled to be reconduct our sponsorship of the KROLL VRC Race Series edition 2023.

The Kroll VRC Race Series offers races throughout of the year to give the opportunity for paddlers in Hong Kong to race on monthly basis, stretching their abilities and comfort zones, whilst having fun. This is a single, double or six-man race that includes surfski, outrigger canoe and rowing. 

Races are held from February to November. The venue depend on the conditions but normally are running from VRC Deep Water Bay, Stanley, Clear Water Bay, Shek O and Emerald Bay - Sai Kung.

Our contribution includes creating the event's jerseys and the series' leaderboards. 

Find out more about the series - https://www.vrcraceseries.com/home


MARGEN Leaderboard

MARGEN Leaderboard


MARGEN race results


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